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Core Values & Operating Principles

Substitutet's core values:

1. Driven by love and guided by reason 

We derive our meaning as both as community and individuals from our efforts to make life better for those around us, in every way we can. We come from a place of love and compassion yet don't let these emotions cloud our judgement. Every thing we do has a rationale behind it and can be explained in detail. We believe that science doesn't necessarily provide all the answers to life, meaning and everything, but  we never go against it without a rational and properly established reason.

2. Truth and Transparency

A lack of truthful communication is the surest way to conflict and failure. We vow to speak the truth and aim for full transparency on the part of Substitutet operations, finances and leadership. We expect our members to make their best effort to always speak the truth and being honest in their communications, at least within the Substitutet community. Lies and deceit are not acceptable.

3. Community first

We put the wellbeing of the community, and everyone in it first. We work to create a sustainable and healthy social structure where everyone has the opportunity to be valued and respected. This is the core of our work and the community, including every single member in it, will be prioritized above any other goal

4. Trust and Vulnerability

To trust someone is to be vulnerable to them. In ordet to cooperate and build something of substance in an effective way, trust is elemental. We work under the assumption that our members are honest, responsible and well meaning unless proven otherwise. We aim to be as generous with our trust as possible, and in order to afford this level of vulnerability we must take breaches of it very seriously. Love and compassion may be given unconditionally, but trust cannot. 

5. Focus on Giving

The best results are achieved when everyone involved are focused on giving rather than making sure that they are getting what they deserve. We implore our members to put most of their efforts in making sure that those around them are having a meaningful experience, being heard and feel understood. A good reason for this approach is that we have full control over ourselves and we’re able to make things as good for others as humanly possible with a mere internal decision. That is so much easier than trying to get others to give you anything value. When this becomes an accepted consensus in a group – everyone benefits greatly. 

Substitutet Operating Principles

1. Keep High Standards

Do things properly and have high ambitions and aim to always over-deliver. What we lack in resources we make up for in effort and ingenuity. We do not half-ass anything. Better to do one thing great than two things good. 

2. English by default

In today's world it is getting harder and harder to get by without English. All communications, events, rituals, etc will be held in English, even if everyone in the group speaks another language. 

3. Self Reliance

The community and its members is our first priority, however that is under the premise that members take responsibility for their personal lives and actions, and are the first to help themselves. We deal with deep subjects and this type of life is not good for everyone. Each member t is expected to be mentally stable enough to be able to take responsibility for their own lives, decisions and actions. 

4. Inclusive but not open

We are inclusive to all kinds of people but not all types of individuals.  We expect members to value reason, be kind, and communicate honestly.  

We will cap the community at about 150 members, after that it's one out - one in. 

5. Withhold judgement- live and let live. 

We do not judge people on their race, gender, sexuality, age, lifestyle, level of income, level of intelligence, or physical attractiveness.

We do hold people responsible for their actions and their intentions. We view cynicism, victimhood, machiavellianism, and dishonesty as toxic to the community. We value kindness, honesty and openness.

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