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Pebbles Lin
There's a secret sacred place, where some of us seek solace and find ourselves at home. A safe space where we trust, create, connect and love. It is not a place for all; but it's a place that is home forever when one finds his/her way there.
To my soul bothers and sisters, the family that I've found away from home, your beautiful souls, honesty, desire for human connection within this fabricated web of false relationships and ignorant chase of intensity in this synthetic society, has once again given me hope and a new purpose of being. You exist, therefore I am. Thank you Substitutet. 
Substitutet taught me to pursue my passions. I felt like my talents for writing and storytelling were embraced not as merely hobbies that i should enjoy as a sideline to my life, but that they should become my life.
I am in the good graces of people who believe in me like I want to believe in myself when I am at Substitutet.
Brett Schiller
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