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In the 500 year old stable house of Sturehov castle we’ve created a community for those who are looking to substitute what is with what should be. 

We substitute dark and grimy clubs with beautiful intimate feasts, Sunday’s church with community gatherings, given family with chosen family, the museum white box for the true raw art of the moment.


Together we create substitute culture.

What Substitutet
stands for:

  •  Living for something bigger than ourselves.

  •   Being driven by compassion.

  •  Improving our capacity to marvel at the beauty of life.

  •  Being able to handle the shit piles life throws at us.  

  •  Being guided by reason and truth.  

Truth and compassion

  • Connection as a way of life. 

  • Having a warm place you can always come to. 

  • Knowing that your tribe has got your back. 

  • Being meaningful to others. 

Solid Community

Community Gatherings

One Saturday a month we gather to delve into aspects of life which are important and consequential. Often things which are rarely talked about openly like duty, money, self, and death. But also to awe at the beauty of music, art, love and nature. 

Substitutet Special Events

The events at Substitutet are highly curated events which use music, light and setting to build an immersive narrative. It is an unusually spiritual and insightful experience with a high emotional toll. 

The point is there is no point.

Spectacular feasts

Celebrating whole heartedly, letting go and living for the moment is at the heart of our community and part of Substitutet's DNA. We create fantastic events filled with art, music and performances. These events have become extremely popular with attendees often flying in from all over the world to attend.  


Life is utterly meaningless on the cosmic scale. 

But our existence is what gives the lives of those around us meaning.  




Community Ceremonies

We design and perform beautiful and moving life ceremonies – stripped of all religious symbolism. We conduct weddings, birthdays, rites of passage, birth blessings and more. We do ceremonies with focus on the individual and community instead of god and the state.

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