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Life is better with 24/7 access to a beautiful place with a great vibe and good friends. 

We made it happen in Sweden and called it Substitutet.

Now we’re setting up the next generation in Tel Aviv. 

We call it Centia House.

A beautiful place, designed to create a vibrant social life for a hundred carefully selected members.


Rigorously selected for openness, vibe, competence, and uniqueness. We aim for a diversity in terms of age, gender, personality and background yet comprising of the kindest, brightest, and most creative people in Tel Aviv. Hard cap at 100 members.


A centrally located, spectacular house. Spacious, well decorated with lots of hangout spaces, a fully equipped kitchen and stocked bar, cleaning services etc. There members always feel at home and something interesting/fun/engaging is constantly going on. Open 24/7 to members +1.


Adam & Thalia built a similar place in Stockholm for the past 5 years by the name Substitutet. They’re coming to Israel to take the concept to the next level with Centia House.


You enter a beautiful house.

The place is spacious and tastefully decorated with lots of plants and plenty of art that catches the eye and excites the imagination. You sense the smell of freshly cooked food and hear some music playing. There’s another room, and a few more. A fully equipped kitchen, a library with nice leather couches, several hangout areas inside and outside. People are around; talking, playing, creating. You catch snippets of conversations, phrases like “good question”, “I never thought of it that way”, a cascade of laughter. It’s a cozy, comfortable, relaxing setting yet buzzing with liveliness. The atmosphere is friendly and welcoming. You feel very much at home but without any of the associated responsibilities. You come when you want, leave when you want, and do what you want.

The people are some of the most interesting, kind, warm, vibrant people you could hope to meet. They each have an interesting story to tell and are doing inspiring things with their lives. One might be an artist or a dancer, another could be a tech entrepreneur or an army general — but they all have a great vibe.

And who wouldn’t want to always have good friends around? It makes for a joyous and meaningful life. If there would only be something like the perfect living room, just set outside your own house. A place where there are always friends who are happy to see you and where something fun and engaging is constantly going on.

Imagine that!

Except you don’t have to. It’s being set up as we speak.


Set up a call with Adam or Thalia

Interested? Want to know more? Ask the person who sent you this document to introduce you to Adam or Thalia.


When people first hear about Substitutet they often assume it’s either a co-working space, a hippie commune or a night club. If this was is your first impression you may be forgiven as Substitutet defies categorization. We work on thought provoking projects in tech, art and music much like maker spaces. We have parties unlike any other, often with people flying in from around the world just take part. We also  work on deeply personal and spiritual aspects like beauty, nature, duty, money, family, and death. We leverage the strength in community to improve all aspects of our lives. We hang out, laugh, create, connect, help each other, and build amazing lives together, every day. 


Substitutet was originally founded in 2015 in Stockholm, Sweden. Initially it didn’t have an outspoken goal but grew into a flourishing community. With time we realized the immense value the community created for its members, and we’ve kept improving our capacity to maximize that potential. For the following years we ran many experiments and the richness of life that this has provided to it’s members in terms of experiences, growth, friends and joy has been incredible. 


 In Stockholm, most of those who’ve heard about Substitutet don’t know exactly what it is and base their assumptions on what’s seen on our instagram feed. The rumors are that only the coolest people have access to in and that the most amazing things happen there. We expect Tel Aviv to beat that by a mile. 

How do you pefer to be contacted?


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about Adam & Thalia

Adam and Thalia met at Substitutet in September of 2017. By July 2018 they were already married, and now live happily ever after wherever the road takes them. 


Adam, after a few decades of travels, adventure, business ventures, startups and projects, found himself in Sweden in 2015, building what was to become Substitutet. In the early days Adam was balancing between Substitutet and his career in business. It took a few years before Adam decided to put his main efforts into Substitutet, abandoning most of the rest. Despite having created multiple experiences, gatherings and projects within Substitutet that have gotten high praise, Adam’s favorite pay-off is the dozens of friends who name Substitutet as the place where they've made some of their closest friends and had some of their most meaningful and life changing moments.



Thalia has led a secluded and relatively uneventful life until she met Adam. After coming to Sweden alone at age 24 with one suitcase and and a strong will to be her own person, she has since found her life completely turned upside down in the best ways imaginable. She brought her enthusiasm into Substitutet when she started to work on projects together with Adam and soon became an irreplaceable person within it. She has an eye for true beauty, and knows great music when she hears it. She uses her good taste to create exceptional aesthetics and atmosphere at Substitutet. She likes when people talk to her about their inner lives, because everyone has something curios, interesting or special about them.

At Substitutet, Adam is the strategist and always takes the time to help with precise, effective solutions and thoughtful life advice. Thalia is Substitutet’s heart and soul, and cares deeply for the wellbeing of others minds and spirit.

In their spare time they do pretty much the same as during work hours and are grateful to enjoy this wonderful synergy between meaningful work and fulfilling leisure — this, and the great social life is what they’ve built for themselves and what they want to build for others.

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